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Manual Combination Seal-less Steel Strapping Tools

Strapping combination 3-in-1 tool is a quality engineered product, small, light weight, rugged, easy to service and maintain at a very competitive price. With it 3-in-1 function, you can tighten, seal and cut using the same M4K-10. There is no need to purchase strapping seals again. This Tool seals the steel strapping for you

Technical characteristics:

Width of steel strap, mm                                            : 13-20

Thickness of soft steel strap (<400H/mm2), mm         : 0,4-0,9

Thickness of hard steel strap (<900H/mm2), mm        : 0,4-0,7

Tension straight,                                                          : H6 000

 Weight, kg                                                                 : 3.8

Overall dimensions, mm                                             : 390х105х185

Warranty period                                                          : 1 year


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